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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Elevate Your Artistry: Exclusive Record Deal with KazeLoon Records & K.D Lean Inc.


In a groundbreaking opportunity for emerging artists and authors, KazeLoon Records & K.D Lean Inc. proudly presents the Digital Record Distribution (D.R.D) deal—an exclusive chance to propel your music and literary creations to new heights.

The 10,000-Dollar Digital Record Distribution Deal Unveiled

For a limited time, KazeLoon Records & K.D Lean Inc. is offering an official Distribution Record Deal (D.R.D) for $10,000. This deal opens the doors for artists to digitally distribute an entire album, ensuring it becomes chart-available through the vast online resources at our disposal. What makes this deal truly unique is that artists retain 100 percent ownership of their album's masters, royalties, copyrights, and all associated rights, except for the distribution right.

Unleash Your Album's Potential

With the D.R.D deal, your musical masterpiece takes center stage on digital stores, reaching a global audience hungry for fresh sounds. We leverage our industry connections and expertise to ensure your album gets the visibility it deserves, all while you retain full control and ownership.

Free Publishing Book Deal: A Bonus for Literary Creators

As a bonus, we're sweetening the deal with a complimentary Publishing Book Deal for your eBooks through K.D Lean Inc. Authors under this agreement receive a unique opportunity to have two of their books published in eBook digital format, paperback, and hardcover—all at no additional cost. This offer extends to writers of all genres, providing a platform for your literary creations to flourish.

Author Retains Full Rights and Royalties

Just as with the music aspect of the deal, the author retains complete control over their literary works. K.D Lean Inc. ensures that writers maintain all rights and royalties to their books. This commitment to creators' autonomy sets our offer apart, emphasizing our dedication to empowering artists in their respective fields.

Seamless Process: From Payment to Distribution

Initiating the journey to elevate your art is a straightforward process. After completing the $10,000 payment through PayPal, artists are invited to submit their album and books via download link. Our team then takes the reins, orchestrating the digital distribution of your album and facilitating the publishing of your eBooks, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience. Check This Out KAZELOON RECORDS DISTRIBUTION DEAL 2024

Join the Ranks of Visionaries

KazeLoon Records & K.D Lean Inc. has a legacy of supporting emerging talent, and the D.R.D deal continues this tradition. As you invest in your artistic endeavors, you join the ranks of visionaries who have trusted our platform to amplify their voices, melodies, and stories.

Secure Your Spot in the Spotlight

Seize this unique opportunity to propel your music and literary creations into the spotlight. The D.R.D deal is a gateway to global recognition, ensuring your artistry reaches audiences far and wide. Don't miss your chance—PayPal the $10,000 today, email your album and books, and embark on a journey of artistic elevation with KazeLoon Records & K.D Lean Inc.

For media inquiries, please contact 

Address: 6923 North Muscatel Ave San Gabriel, CA. 91775

Company: KazeLoon Records & K.D Lean Inc.

Ceo: Jason David Yonai a.k.a KazeLoon/Kamikaze Loon

Phone: (626)528-1518

Email: kazeloonrecords323@gmail.com


Website URLs: https://kazeloon126.blogspot.com/

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