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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Cowboy Mike and Winston Explore Prescott, Arizona


"Cowboy Mike and Winston Explore Prescott, Arizona" Takes Young Readers on a New Adventure Prescott, Arizona – Renowned children's author Michael Eastwood has released his latest masterpiece, "Cowboy Mike and Winston Explore Prescott, Arizona", now available on Amazon.


This sixth book in the beloved series continues the adventures of Cowboy Mike and his trusty steed Winston, as they explore the historic city of Prescott, offering young readers a blend of excitement and education.Eastwood,celebrated for his unique storytelling style, combines fun adventures with educational content, making his books a favorite among children, parents, and educators alike.


Each story in the Cowboy Mike and Winston series is crafted to not only entertain but also teach valuable life lessons about friendship, perseverance, and the joy of discovery.


Key Highlights:

  • Educational and Interactive: The latest book includes interactive elements that engage young readers, making learning fun and memorable.
  • Focus on Literacy and Charity: A portion of the proceeds from Eastwood's book sales is dedicated to supporting children's literacy and educational programs, emphasizing the author's commitment to giving back to the community.
  • Vivid Storytelling: Eastwood's narrative vividly depicts the landscapes and historical sites of Prescott, Arizona, encouraging curiosity and a love of history among its audience.


"Cowboy Mike and Winston Explore Prescott, Arizona" is more than just a children’s book; it is a journey into the heart of one of America’s most storied cities, seen through the eyes of an adventurous cowboy and his loyal horse.


The story promises to spark a sense of adventure in young readers, inspiring them to learn more about their world.Michael Eastwood's ongoing dedication to children's literature and education shines through in his active involvement with various charitable causes aimed at improving children's welfare and access to education. Check This Out Cowboy Mike and Winston


His work has not only enriched children's literary collections but has also fostered an environment where reading and learning flourish.This new release is expected to capture the hearts of new and returning readers, continuing the tradition of the Cowboy Mike and Winston series, which has been praised for its ability to weave captivating adventures with educational themes."Cowboy Mike and Winston Explore Prescott, Arizona" is available for purchase on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.


Readers can look forward to another exciting ride along with Cowboy Mike and Winston as they delve into the rich history and beautiful landscapes of Prescott. 100% of all book sale proceeds are donated to Pony 4 Precious Charity. For additional information, or to purchase, please visit: Amazon Link to "Cowboy Mike and Winston Explore Prescott, Arizona "


For media inquiries, please contact:

Name: Mike Eastwood

Company: Cowboy Mike and Winston

Phone: 925-482-4182



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